If I Failed The Alcotest, Will I Be Convicted Of DUI In New Jersey?

Failing the Alcotest in New Jersey certainly provides valuable evidence that the prosecution will try to use against you in a DUI case, but it definitely doesn’t mean that you’re certain to be convicted of DUI in New Jersey.

There are a number of ways that Alcotest results can be challenged by an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney, and in some cases, Alcotest results can be thrown out entirely by the judge.

There are many defenses in DUI cases in New Jersey, and when you choose to work with an experienced DUI attorney, you stand the best chance of experiencing the least possible sanction, or beating the charge entirely.

Attorney Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,000 drivers in New Jersey avoid conviction on DUI charges from the alcotest, and he can help you build the strongest possible case in your defense.

Call 732-625-9660 today for a free consultation with one of New Jersey’s most experienced DUI alcotest attorneys.

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