How Do I Know Which New Jersey DUI Lawyer Is The Best Choice For Me?

When you’re facing a DUI charge in New Jersey, experience counts.

Most DUI attorneys in the state offer free initial consultations, so take the time to ask how many cases they’ve tried – and how many cases they’ve won.

Knowledge of DUI law and the limitations that are inherent in things like field sobriety tests, Alcotests, and subjective observational testimony from police officers are also critical to providing you the best possible defense against DUI charges.

Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,000 New Jersey drivers avoid conviction on DUI charges, and has argued before the New Jersey State Supreme Court regarding flaws in New Jersey’s Alcotest device.

When you’ve been arrested for DUI in New Jersey, call 732-625-9660 to speak to one of New Jersey’s most experienced DUI attorneys absolutely free.

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