Can I Really Defend Myself In Court If I Blew Over .08% On The Alcotest In New Jersey?

In almost every New Jersey DUI case, there are valid avenues of defense, even if you blew above a .08% on the police’s Alcotest device.

The important thing to consider when you’ve been charged with DUI is how willing you are to contest the matter, and how seriously you want to win.

When the evidence is against you but you still believe you’re being wrongfully prosecuted, you have to work with an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney to fight back.

Not only will your lawyer help you avoid legal pitfalls and make sure you’re fully informed about all aspects of your case, but many bring years or decades of highly specialized experience on board.

Matthew Reisig has gone before the Supreme Court of New Jersey and argued technical aspects of DUI law, especially as they relate to the Alcotest.

You’re unlikely to find a more experienced and knowledgeable attorney when it comes to challenging Alcotest results in New Jersey DUI cases.

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