Can You Help Me Get My New Jersey DUI Case Heard By A Jury Instead Of Just A Judge?

DUI cases in New Jersey are heard by municipal court judges, not in jury trials.

This is because a DUI charge is not a criminal charge, per se, but is instead considered a traffic violation, so there is no entitlement to a trial by jury in these cases.

There are instances where a defendant has a history with a judge and you may have concerns about the judge’s ability to be impartial in your case.

If there is a genuine conflict, it is possible to notify the court of your concerns and ask the judge to recuse him or herself, though there are risks with this approach.

The best way to develop a sound defense strategy is to work with an experienced New Jersey DUI defense lawyer who can ensure that your rights are protected from your first appearance to your DUI trial.

Attorney Matthew Reisig has almost 20 years of experience fighting DUI charges in New Jersey, and has successfully defended more than 1,000 clients against DUI charges in the state.

For a free consultation anywhere in New Jersey, call 732-625-9660 today to speak to an experienced New Jersey DUI lawyer for free.

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