Can You Help Me Get My License Back In My Home State If I Got A DUI While Visiting New Jersey?

Generally speaking, when you face legal action in a particular jurisdiction, you should get advice from an attorney familiar with the laws governing that jurisdiction.

That means that when dealing with the DMV or other licensing agency in your home state, an experienced DUI attorney there is your best bet.

But if you believe your case was handled inappropriately when you were charged with DUI in New Jersey, talking to an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney may help you take steps to have your case reconsidered.

Every case is unique, and sometimes a legal issue is decided wrongly by a judge, or exculpatory evidence is excluded for no good reason.

There may be ways to challenge your conviction after the fact, and succeeding would mean your home state would return your driver’s license to you.

Attorney Matthew Reisig is one of New Jersey’s most experienced DUI/DWI attorneys, and can help you evaluate your case for opportunities to challenge a conviction.

Call him today at 732-625-9660 for a free consultation.

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