Can I Be Charged With DUI In New Jersey If I Was Sitting In A Parked Car When The Police Questioned Me?

Yes, if police believe that you intended to operate the vehicle, you can be charged with DUI under New Jersey law.

However, because of the unique circumstances of a case like this, your conduct also opens up avenues for your defense.

While New Jersey DUI cases aren’t heard by juries, it is possible to convince a judge that police overreacted in your case and that the charges against you are prosecutorial overreach.

It isn’t easy to beat a DUI charge in New Jersey, but Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,000 New Jersey drivers avoid conviction on drunk driving charges.

Call him today at 732-625-9660 for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey DUI defense lawyer who can help you fight back against overzealous police and prosecutors.

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