Is My DUI An “Indictable Offense” For Purposes Of A Job Application In New Jersey?

No, a DUI conviction is classified as a traffic offense in New Jersey.

While most states use terminology like felonies and misdemeanors, New Jersey separates criminal charges into disorderly persons offenses, on par with misdemeanors elsewhere, and indictable offenses, which are felony-level charges.

Unlike most other states, New Jersey doesn’t treat DUIs as criminal matters, but a third type of violation, a traffic offense.

Potential employers will be able to see the conviction if they look at your driving abstract, but if the application specifies an “indictable offense,” then the correct answer in regard to your DUI conviction is “No, I have not been convicted of an indictable offense.”

If your case is pending, the situation may be more complicated, but you have a better chance at avoiding conviction entirely.

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