If I Negotiate A Plea Bargain In My New Jersey DUI Case, Will The Judge Accept It?

No, it’s actually against the law in New Jersey for prosecutors to negotiate plea bargains in DUI cases, and no judge will accept a negotiated settlement for a lesser charge.

You’ll either have to plead guilty to the charges against you or challenge the evidence and try to beat the prosecution and win your case. While this isn’t an easy goal to achieve, an experienced New Jersey DUI defense attorney can help you build the strongest case to fight the allegations against you.

Attorney Matthew Reisig is one of New Jersey’s most experienced DUI defense attorneys, and has helped more than 1,000 drivers avoid conviction of DUI charges.

He’s argued DUI law before the State Supreme Court of New Jersey and challenged the Alcotest device directly. When you’re facing DUI charges in New Jersey, call 732-625-9660 today and talk to an experienced New Jersey DUI lawyer for free.

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