Why Won’t The Prosecutor Let Me Make A Plea Bargain In My New Jersey DUI Case?

Many people facing a first time DUI charge in New Jersey are under the impression that they can just plead the matter down to reckless driving or another lesser charge, but it’s not true.

Prosecutors are not allowed to plea bargain in DUI cases, so if you’re charged, you’ll have to be prepared to attack the case head on.

This means challenging Alcotest results, police procedures and testimony, and any other elements germane to your case.

While plea bargaining is not an option, if the prosecutor begins to suspect that your DUI case is a sure loser for their side, they may drop the charges entirely.

The best way to get results like these is by working with an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney.

Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,000 New Jersey drivers avoid conviction on DUI charges, and has argued technical points of DUI law before the New Jersey Supreme Court.

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