How Long Will I Lose My License For DUI In New Jersey If I Blew Above A .10%?

New Jersey imposes enhanced penalties for drunk drivers who are considered especially intoxicated, as indicated by an Alcotest result of .10% or higher.

In these cases, you’ll face a license suspension of seven months to one year.

When your blood alcohol was recorded as over .15%, the judge will also require an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle.

You’ll be hit with hundreds of dollars in fees and fines, and an annual MVC surcharge of $1,000, payable for each of the next three years.

DUI is not a criminal offense in New Jersey, but it’s no laughing matter either.

The penalties imposed by the state, as well as less obvious outcomes, like inflated insurance rates, can create a lasting impact.

Any subsequent DUI prosecution can result in even harsher penalties. It’s best to avoid a DUI conviction if at all possible.

Attorney Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,000 New Jersey drivers avoid conviction on their DUI charges.

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