Do I Need A Lawyer For A DUI In New Jersey?

Whether you need a lawyer depends on your goals for your case.

Defeating a DUI charge in New Jersey isn’t easy, and while you won’t walk away with a criminal record if convicted, you will lose your driver’s license, pay substantial fees and fines, and possibly face incarceration.

If these are acceptable risks to you, you do not need an attorney for your DUI case.

If you would like to try to defeat the charges against you, or minimize the penalties you’ll face if convicted, then working with an experienced DUI attorney can make a big difference.

You may be able to leave the courthouse with a clean driving record and face no penalties at all.

Prosecutors may be persuaded to drop the case against you before you even get to court.

When you work with an experienced lawyer, your odds of finding a solution that protects your interests goes up considerably.

Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,000 New Jersey drivers avoid conviction on DUI charges.

Call 732-625-9660 today and talk to an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney for free.

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