How Long Will A DUI Stay On My Record In New Jersey?

Unlike most other states, in New Jersey, a DUI does not leave you with a criminal record.

Instead, the record of your DUI will appear on your driving abstract, and it will stay there forever.

How a DUI conviction in the past affects a current or future charge has to do with the length of time between DUIs.

If you’re charged with DUI a second time, within ten years of your first conviction, you’ll be charged with a second offense, with tougher penalties.

If more than ten years have elapsed since your first DUI, you’ll be charged with a first offense.

On the other hand, if you win your DUI case, you’ll have no record, and you’ll avoid complications like high insurance rates, trouble with jobs that require you to have a clean driving record, and paying fines and surcharges to the state for the next several years.

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