Carteret Police Director Fired After DUI, Eluding Charges

After just a month on the job, Ronald Franz has been fired from his post as borough police director in Carteret. The charges stem from a February 23 incident where Franz is alleged to have crashed his car in Old Bridge.

Police say he refused to take a breathalyzer test, and was issued traffic summonses for DUI and Refusal.


This alone would have put his job on the line, but the following day police also charged Franz with Eluding, a criminal offense that made it untenable for the borough to retain him.

While it isn’t clear precisely what conduct earned the Eluding charge, any effort to flee police, or any threats made against police, constitute crimes of the fourth and third degree.

These grades are comparable to felonies in other states, and public officials, especially in law enforcement, rarely survive a felony conviction with their jobs intact.

Cases like this are a textbook example of the way a DUI charge can snowball into a life changing, career ending event.

Whether you’re a public official, a New Jersey school teacher, a cop, a licensed professional, or work for a private company that has punitive policies in place for DUIs, you need the support that only an experienced DUI lawyer can give you.

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