Deadly DUI Crash Results In Charges For Whitehouse Station Man

Prosecutors believe that alcohol was behind a head-on collision in Readington Township that killed two and injured three others.

Frank Cabezas has been charged with two counts of death by auto and three counts of assault by auto.

Both are indictable offenses (comparable to felonies in other states) and the death by auto counts can carry penalties of up to 10 years each.

To prove the charges, prosecutors will have to show that the driver was driving drunk at the time of the incident, which means that a person in this situation should find strong legal representation right away, with a long track record in DUI/DWI defense.

Every criminal case can be defended, and with charges related to deaths or injuries while driving drunk, a lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome.

Matthew Reisig has defended clients in DWI and criminal cases throughout New Jersey for nearly 20 years.

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