DUI Chase Ends With Foot Race for NJ Driver with Suspended License

A Manchester Township man led Lakehurst police on a lengthy trip when they recently spotted him driving away from a liquor store and across a neighboring yard, nearly striking a house. Police tried to pull over Craig Bolzau, 48, but he accelerated instead, driving down several streets before coming to a stop, exiting the vehicle, and running away across residential lawns.

Police officers eventually caught up with him, and he was arrested for driving while intoxicated, eluding, operating a motor vehicle during a period of suspension, and reckless driving. Bolzau has a previous DWI conviction, which resulted in the suspended license.

New Jersey’s suspended license protocol has caught up many drivers who need their vehicles to get to work, school, and take care of their family. Without any sort of conditional license after a DUI conviction, many drivers have ended up in a cycle of suspensions, arrests for driving on a suspended license, and additional time added to their suspension.

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