NJ Hit and Run Driver Charged with DWI, Other Violations

A Trenton, New Jersey, driver recently demonstrated how easy it is for a drunk driving traffic incident and DWI charges to turn into a laundry list of criminal charges. Last November, Robert Brandbergh, 49, sped through a traffic light on Route 29, striking a black Hyundai. The driver of that vehicle was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries, but Brandbergh didn’t stop. A witness pursued his vehicle and helped the police locate him after he fled the scene, still moving through traffic, near Route 1 and Perry Street.

Police tried to stop Brandbergh at that point, which the driver, swerving wildly and even hitting a guardrail, either ignored or was unaware of. He eventually tried to park his car on Plum Street, where police moved in and arrested him. The list of charges is lengthy – leaving the scene of an accident, DWI, failure to report an accident, failure to observe a signal, and two counts of reckless driving and careless driving.

It’s plain to see how one bad decision can cascade into a litany of problems, many with potentially serious legal consequences.

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