NJ Woman Drives Drunk To Police HQ After DWI Arrest

Police in Lacey, New Jersey faced an odd situation on August 3. Overnight, they had arrested Melony Gilchrist, of the Forked River neighborhood, on suspicion of DWI and took custody of her vehicle, as allowed by John’s Law. Under John’s Law, police can impound a vehicle for up to 12 hours after a DWI arrest, while the drunk driver is generally released to a sober driver, returning later to retrieve their vehicle.

This seem to be more or less the story here. Gilchrist’s car was held after she was released, and fourteen hours after her arrest, she drove back to the police station to pick up the vehicle.

The only problem for her was that police quickly realized that Gilchrist was drunk again. Officers in the station administered a sobriety test, and promptly arrested her for the second time that day, for her second DWI charge in less than 24 hours. She was also charged with reckless driving, and released, presumably to a sober friend. There was no word on the status of either of her cars.

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