Underage Sparta NJ Man Gets DWI, Trip to Hospital After Crash

A 20-year-old Sparta, New Jersey, driver has been charged with several violations, including DWI, after a two-car crash on Tall Oaks Road in Sparta. Shawn P. Monroe was driving overnight on July 30 when his vehicle struck another car. Officers responded and determined that Monroe showed signs of drug or alcohol intoxication. Field sobriety tests were performed, which Monroe allegedly failed, and he was taken into custody by police.

While in transit to the police station, Monroe reportedly became unresponsive, and was instead taken to Newton Medical Center, where he received treatment. He’s been charged with DWI, careless driving, and unclear license plates. As a driver charged with drunk driving under the age of 21, the long-term impact of a DWI can be especially painful, since insurers are not required to cover a driver with a history of drunk driving, and they can be especially punitive to young drivers. Luckily, in this case, the driver of the other vehicle wasn’t injured, and Monroe will have his day in court in the future.

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