Coerced DWI Urine Test Results in MRSA Infection, $140K Damage Award in New Jersey

Police are supposed to be highly constrained by laws, rules, and well-established procedures that are in place to protect both cops and the public.

Sometimes, for reasons that appear to defy logic or any sense of propriety, these hallmark guidelines fly out the window and people are subjected to significant abuse and injury at the hands of police.

That appears to be what happened to Norma Powell of Ocean City, New Jersey, who was pulled over for erratic driving in 2012 and ended up being forcibly catheterized at a local medical center, where she was infected with MRSA.

Powell reportedly has a respiratory ailment, and when police tried to obtain a breath sample, she was unable to provide it.

Then they resorted to giving her water in an attempt to make collection of a urine sample possible, but after ten cups of water, she was still unable to produce urine for a DUI alcohol test.

At this point, police reportedly transported the woman to a local medical center for a blood draw and urine collection.

A police officer assisted a nurse at the center with a forcible insertion of a catheter, which Powell believes is the source of the infection.

Powell sued, alleging illegal search and seizure, malicious prosecution, due process violations, excessive force, negligence, conspiracy, and assault and battery against two police officers and the nurse.

Several claims were dismissed in 2015, but in March, Ocean City agreed to pay Powell $140,000 in return for her agreeing that the city admits no guilt in the matter.

None of this should have been allowed to happen in the first place, if police had simply followed their own rules.

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