I Provided A Urine Sample After Being Arrested For DUID In New Jersey. I Was Sober, But The Test Will Show I’ve Smoked Pot. What Happens?

What should happen right away is that you contact an experienced New Jersey DUID attorney who knows how to properly challenge evidence like urine samples that can be introduced by the prosecution to try to show that you were driving while under the influence of marijuana.

A qualified DUID lawyer knows that urine tests do not necessarily show intoxication on the same day, but at any point in the last few weeks, and sometimes longer.

The fact that you may have smoked a joint days before being pulled over cannot be used to prove DUI.

Challenging observations by police officers is a skill your attorney should have.

Police will report a variety of observations in order to build the DUID case.

They may note that your eyes were red, that your pupils were dilated, or that your coordination seemed off.

In most cases, these observational pieces of evidence can easily be rebutted and your attorney can provide a narrative of non-intoxication.

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