How Can I Fight A DUID Charge If I Was Caught Driving With Pot In New Jersey?

The more evidence the police and prosecutors have in a New Jersey DUID case, the more difficult it is to fight.

If you were pulled over and found to have marijuana, police can use a variety of subjective “tests” to try to demonstrate that you showed signs of intoxication.

For instance, if you were pulled over for weaving or driving too slowly, those allegations will be used.

If you smelled of marijuana or there was marijuana smoke in your car, that will be admitted in court.

So will red eyes, slurred or stumbling speech, and any motor control issues police may allege you exhibited.

Evidence is what builds cases, and the job of your defense attorney is to attack the evidence head on.

How this is accomplished will depend on the specific facts of your case, but everything from the initial stop to the search to the testimony of the arresting officer is open to rebuttal.

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