How Can Police Prove I Was High On Pot When I Was Arrested For DUID In New Jersey?

In cases where police suspect a driver was driving while under the influence of drugs (DUID) in New Jersey, prosecutors will have a significantly harder time proving the allegation than they would in a standard, alcohol-based DUI/DWI prosecution.

First, police must show evidence that you were “under the influence” of marijuana.

This may include observations of redness of eyes, pupil dilation, results of a field sobriety test, and other eyewitness statements from police.

If you provide a urine or blood sample, that evidence may be entered as well.
But the appearance of marijuana intoxication bears a great deal of similarity to other circumstances, like extreme fatigue, excessive computer use, and even red eyes caused by swimming in chlorinated pools.

In addition, a positive marijuana test on a urine sample doesn’t even indicate you smoked pot that day – it’s a backward looking test that may indicate marijuana use any time in the last few weeks.

If you’ve been charged with DUID in New Jersey, fight back.

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