Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Nabs Himself a DWI

Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Stephen Parrey, 28, has quite the pedigree.

Aside from working his way up in the County Prosecutor’s Office from a legal assistant, he’s also the son of Trenton’s police director.

Now he’s exploring other areas of life and law, most recently by being arrested for drunk driving in Hamilton.

Details were sketchy because the department’s public information office was closed over the weekend, but a spokeswoman for the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that he’d been arrested.

Parrey’s father, Ernest Parrey, Jr., also acknowledged the arrest to reporters, saying, “We love him and support him. We’ll be there for him through this process.”

It’s unclear whether the younger Parrey will face consequences at work because of a DUI arrest.

He was sworn in as an assistant prosecutor last December, and seniority, or lack thereof, can often play a role in how prosecutions can affect one’s professional life.

While it’s never a good idea to be arrested and potentially make your employer look bad, it’s even worse when you work in a position of public trust.

Stephen Parrey likely has a difficult road ahead in his career.

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