NJ State Assemblywoman Goes Off on Cops in DWI Arrest

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Following an open records request from The Trentonian newspaper, bodycam footage has emerged of an R-rated tirade from a New Jersey assemblywoman as she was arrested for DWI in April.

Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, 35, who represents parts of Atlantic, Burlington, and Camden counties, was sitting at a red light in Mount Laurel the night of April 28 when another vehicle rear-ended her, prompting police to come to the scene.

While Rodriguez-Gregg was not responsible for the accident, officers claimed they smelled marijuana in her car and believed that she was intoxicated.

This didn’t sit well with the Assemblywoman. “I have don’t nothing but support the police,” she tells them on the video. “I am even one of your number one supporters politically. F—ing a–holes!”

She denied smoking marijuana, telling police that she had been smoking cigars in her car. “Are you serious right now?” she asked police. “I’m a sitting assemblywoman. Do you really think that I’m f—ing smoking marijuana at this time of night? All right, I’m calling my lawyer.”

Police threatened to charge her with obstruction if she didn’t exit the vehicle to allow a search.

When they did finally execute the search, no marijuana was found.

She refused sobriety tests on the grounds that the police were harassing her, and she was arrested and charged with DWI, reckless driving, and obstruction of justice.

Blood tests showed “some indication of alcohol,” but no signs of marijuana.

Rodriguez-Gregg has fought all charges in the intervening months, and in August, she announced that she would not seek re-election. She is the first Republican Hispanic woman ever elected to the New Jersey legislature.

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