New Jersey’s Newest DUI Law: Drunk Droning

If you’re someone who enjoys an adult beverage while flying your drone, you might need to reconsider for a minute.

On his last day in office, outgoing governor Chris Christie signed 109 bills into law, including one that makes it a crime to operate a drone with a blood content over 0.08.

This is the same standard applied to drivers and boaters, and the penalties for violating the new law is up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both.

Unlike DWI, which is prosecuted as a moving violation, drunk droning is a disorderly persons offense, comparable to a misdemeanor in other states.

The law also makes it a crime to fly drones near prisons or to use them for the taking of wildlife.

Operating a drone with a BAC over .08 is against the law.

If you find yourself on the wrong end of a Drunk Droning charge, get experienced legal help right away.

The law may be new, but ignorance is no defense.

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