How Many Points Does A DUI And Refusal Conviction Add To My License In New Jersey?

Luckily, DUI and Refusal do not add points to your license in New Jersey, but you can bet that you’ll feel the effects of conviction for many years to come.

Starting with the license suspension you’ll face and the fines and fees that go with conviction, you’ll also find that your auto insurance rates and eligibility for coverage will be affected for as long as a decade.

DUI and Refusal in New Jersey are serious charges that you should treat with extreme care.

An experienced DUI and Refusal attorney can help your case considerably.

It may be possible to have the Refusal charge dropped, which can improve your range of outcomes, or even to beat the charges entirely.

Attorney Matthew Reisig represents drivers in every county in New Jersey, with an excellent record of positive outcomes.

Call him today at 732-625-9660 for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey DUI and Refusal attorney.

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