NJ DWI Stop Prompts Threats Against Police

Police in Clifton, New Jersey, faced a harrowing late night stop on April 11 when they spotted a vehicle speeding near the intersection of Lexington and Highland avenues.

After pulling the vehicle over, the driver, Jonathan Sanabria of Passaic, 26, became confrontational with the officers, eventually threatening to shoot them.

The man appeared intoxicated, and as his temper flared, he was taken into custody. In the police car, he reportedly spit on officers and threatened police personnel.

Sanabria was eventually charged with DWI, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, criminal mischief, and various motor vehicle summonses.

Once in custody, it was also discovered that he already had six outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The lesson here is to drive carefully and sober, but if you do find yourself stopped, try to refrain from threatening them.

Some DWI cases are more complicated than others, but every case requires careful handling to make sure your rights are protected and the best outcome possible is obtained.

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